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Luka Jovičić

About Me

Hi there! I'm a student of Bachelor studies of Informatics at Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade. I also take time to work on my personal programming projects, some of which you can see below and more which are available on my GitHub. My main focus are Android apps and backend programming using Play! Framework. Currently, I'm focused on R and expanding my knowledge in domain of statistics.

I have other interests apart from programming as well. I volunteer as a student Wiki ambassador at Wikimedia Serbia, working with teachers, professors and students to organize class activities in which we make Wikipedia and Wikidata better resources for everyone. I'm curious about psychology, and I've attended psychology programmes at Petnica Science Center and presented my paper on annual participants' conference. I'm an avid English speaker—so far, I've had the chance to present at a couple of English-language conferences. I also enjoy design (though I'm in no way proficient).

Latest Projects

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Notekeeper is a productivity app aimed at groups of students. It supports sharing notes, questions, and various multimedia content among schoolmates which attend the same course. It was awarded second prize at sixth mt:s App competition. You can find it on Google Play.

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Upis suiteOpen Source

Three programs designed to gather data about Serbian primary schools which are freely available online. It collects results of the final exam and final grades for every student which graduated. Scraper is an extensible program used for scraping the data, basic data manipulation and simulating enrollment process, optionally with different weighting criteria. Web server pulls data from scraper, builds a database and presents an interface for ploting the data, using a special query language built on top of SQL. Desktop client uses the server as an API and provides point-and-clict interface for creating queries. It was a subject of my high school graduation thesis (in Serbian), which was recognized as one of that year's best theses in the field of informatics.

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Computer Science Week (at Mathematical Grammar School)

Computer Science Week (Nedelja informatike) is a week-long series of lectures on advanced computer science-related topics not covered by high school curriculum, for selected students of Mathematical Grammar School (and partner schools) in Belgrade. I'm a part of the team which created the enterance test which is a crucial part of the selection process. I'm also slated to hold a lecture on exploratory data analysys using R during the Week in December 2018. Visualisations for the lecture can be found on my GitHub.

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Other Projects

takprog tester Open Source

Grader designed for competitive programming submissions, written fully in Bash. Supports Pascal, C and C++ sources. Allows setting of time and memory limits.

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BgBus Open Source

Android app which attempts to find quickest route between two points in Belgrade using public transportation at a given time. It was awarded second prize on fifth mt:s Android competition.

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MinimalJavaNetworking Open Source

A barebones networking library compatible with Java and Android projects. By default works on background thread, either in asychronous or blocking fashion.

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AskfmScraper Open Source

Proof of concept for a rate limiter bug I've discovered (and reported) on Also, one of the first scrapers I've written.

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Activities not related to programming

Petnica Science Center, psychology seminarsparticipant (2017, 2018)

I've participated in lectures and workshops, and done exercises and presentations related to psychology, scientific writing and scientific method. This year, I've done a research on computer-mediated non-verbal communication, specifically, role of emoticons and emojis in message interpretation. I've presented the paper on the annual Step Into Sceince conference (you can find the poster here). It's slated to be published in the 2019 print of Petnica Papers.

Ideas for Action, workshopsparticipant (2017)

Taken part in a series of workshops about leadership and marketing skills training, organized by Network for Business Development.

Importance of Learning Professional Foreign Languages for Communication between Cultures, conferencepresenter (Celje, 2018)

Co-hosted a workshop on methods of interactive teaching of English for specific purposes.

Canada150Filmed, conferencepresenter (Belgrade, 2017)

Discussed Whoa, Canada! documentary and portrayal of racial issues and state-sponsored espionage in Canada in a co-authored paper titled Whoa, Canada?

My English Book, literary competition2nd place (2016)

Best literary work in the English language award for the essay titled Trapped in the Dollhouse, tackling a topic of conformism in adolescence.

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